Expected results

The open DOORS project gathers together chosen group of scientific and institutional partners who decided to study the "market" and to organize a structured network for offering advanced services of Sharing and Collaborative Economy within the MED territory. Being a new key sector of development, this new face of the global economy cannot be left to chance. 

A serious and articulated study is needed for:

  • analyze the state of the art and produce complementary data;
  • design common approach and strategy;
  • establish a formal MED network specialized in the Sharing and Collaborative Economy, to enhance the specificity of the MED area at transnational level.

A first research revealed that it doesn't exist a network as the proposed one in Europe. This proposal represents a unique occasion for starting a new strand of "support instruments" addressed to the territorial development.

In this sense, it is worthy to underline that the proposed approach is not only addressed to the economy sphere, but it is open to the social implications and covers some institutional issues. In fact the study is needed also for putting in evidence the peculiarity of the proposed approach:

  • Sharing and Collaborative Economy for enhancing the local economy;
  • Sharing and Collaborative Economy for promoting the involvement of the civil society to this phenomenon, not only as users but also as deliverers;
  • Sharing and Collaborative Economy for organizing some subsidiary public services, where the institutional offer is missing. 

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