What we do

The project overall objective is “to increase transnational activity of innovative clusters and networks of key sectors of the MED area” through the creation of a transnational network specialized in delivering innovative services in the new key sector of the Sharing Economy within the concerned territories, in the Med region and eventually in Europe, being the first systemic experience of this kind. The network aims to support the MSMEs that invest in the SE, to address the SE services/products towards the real needs of the territories, to promote the open economy and the inclusive dimension of the SE among the civil society. The innovation consists not in creating new forms of SE but in providing operative instruments for driving this kind of economy towards an holistic approach for territorial growth.

open DOORS proposes the elaboration of a Study whose aim is to demonstrate how the Sharing Economy can be a driver of economic (business dimension, integrative incomes etc), territorial (subsidiary principle and new available local commodities i.e. transport, accommodation etc which cover public services' gaps) and social (civil society direct participation) growth.

The following sub-objectives should be highlighted:

  •  Creation of the open DOORS network for the Sharing Economy: The objective is to join, in a unique cooperating body (the network), an already existing informal cluster that was born from previous projects and delivered services and tools on many aspects of the creativity and innovation economy. Approach: The partners of this proposal invite their colleagues of previous projects to join and an agreement is formalized in the occasion of the Conference in Valencia. In the meantime, through the forum, the members will agree the terms of the agreement and contribute to the designing of the strategy and the action plan which represent the roadmap of the network. 
  • Analyzing and studying the many aspects of the Sharing Economy and its potential as a development driver in the MED regions: The objective is to study the SE as an important phenomenon, able to affect the sustainable, smart and inclusive growth of the MED regions. The Study wants to demonstrate how SE can be a driver of economic, territorial and social development. So, this project gives the opportunity to capture and understand SE perspectives and socio-economic scenarios in the Med area. The proposed approach in treating the SE is not only addressed to the economy sphere, but it is open to the social implications and covers some institutional issues: SE as a concrete answer to economic, social and infrastructural territorial gaps.
  • Designing the strategy and the action plan for offering a mix of transnational services: One of the project objectives is to define the strategy in order to assure the continuity of action of the created network for facilitating its promotion of the SE in the MED territories and in Europe. For this purpose, a strategy and an action plan are produced at the end of the project aiming to design the set of services delivered by the network for promoting the SE. Approach: On the basis of the analytic study composed of many chapters (state of art, needs analyses, benchmarking, etc), after the total understanding of the field of study, this proposal reaches the goal to propose a mix of innovative services that the established network will implement in the future for promoting, addressing and supporting the Sharing Economy in the Med area.

In order to ensure the achievement of these objectives, openDOORS partnership gathers a balanced combination of regions with different development levels, different cultures and contexts, covering a broad geographical scope across the Med area. 

Furthermore, the whole partnership relevance with regard to the issue addressed is noteworthy (both at technical and regional level). Likewise their experience in the interregional cooperation field should be stressed.