Why & How

open DOORS: a deep glance at the Sharing Economy in the Mediterranean area


open DOORS project was built on knowledge gathered during 5 past projects that established collaborative dialogue and work between public institutions, members of transnational business networks and creative communities.

open DOORS cooperation process foresees further engagement of all innovation actors in a Network that will support Micro and Small and Medium Enterprises to invest in Sharing and Collaborative Economy, to enhance its services and products in order to offer solution for territorial infrastructural gaps, and to promote open economy and social inclusion.

open DOORS aims at delivering innovative services as drivers of smart and sustainable growth, promoting the creation of a formal Mediterranean network addressing the new global challenge of the Sharing and Collaborative Economy.


open DOORS partnership is composed of scientific and institutional partners from 4 different Mediterranean countries that will support the 18-month long realization of project activities within the territories concerned, as well as transfer the first systemic experience of Sharing and Collaborative Economy on transnational level, and ensure impact and relevance of the project results on European level of policies and strategies.

open DOORS will explore a new cooperation process in order to support and boost a “cooperative” economy. An action plan, a joint strategy and studies on the Sharing and Collaborative Economy in the Mediterranean regions will be elaborated during the project implementation.

open DOORS innovation does not stem from creating new forms of Sharing and Collaborative Economy, but from providing operative instruments to drive this type of economy towards a holistic approach to territorial growth.